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Seeking a Contact Center Outsourcing Provider?

  • To increase sales?
  • Sales team consistently outperforming your in-house team?
  • Contact centers that can scale up quickly?
  • Personalized attention from your outsourcing firm’s leaders?
  • Flexible enough to make changes at short notice?
  • Outsourcing suppliers who stand behind their promises?

You’ve found the right place at The Heller Group.

Obsessed About Your Sales

The Heller Group was founded in 2005.   Our mission?  We’re obsessed with increasing your sales. Clients capture that obsession, the partnership thrives and client endorsements grow, as The Heller Group has consistently met and surpassed our clients’ outsourcing objectives.  That’s why a leading Fortune 50 communications client has included The Heller Group in its Circle of Excellence every year since the award’s inception, and the same client’s President’s and Diamond awards were given to The Heller Group in 2012, 2013 and 2014.


Reciprocity, Growth

Our business won’t grow if our clients aren’t growing.   It’s no coincidence that The Heller Group was included in The Inc. 5000 ranking of the fastest-growing companies in America.  That growth goes back to how much our clients have expanded.  In the case of one client:  A major fuel management company needing sales and marketing support contracted The Heller Group.   After a few months of testing, results generated by Heller Group agents proved to be so valuable that the client enlisted more Heller agents and expanded its sales force 400%.  These are the types of results that The Heller Group expects to provide for your contact center sales, marketing and customer care initiatives.


Testing the Waters

The relationship can start with a foot in the water before the all-out plunge.  The Heller Group will act as your partner to accelerate sales starting with a select team of associates, then scale up after your expectations have been met.   And, unlike most of our competitors, we are so serious about delivering results that we even offer flexible pricing options reflecting performance and mutual responsibility.


Applying Technology, Access

The important “people and processes” sales elements at The Heller Group are complemented by our investment in advanced and flexible technology, capable of meeting your most complex requirements. Plus, your firm will find the decision makers at The Heller Group approachable and creative, unlike so many competitors oversubscribed, unwilling, or unable to give the proper attention to your account.

Let’s start the conversation! email sales@thehellergroupinc.com, or call: 1-877-693-5168

What Services Do We Provide?


  • Consumer & BtoB
  • Telco, Digital Communication
  • E-commerce

Surveys & Polling

  • Consumer Satisfaction
  • Voter Contact
  • Medical & Legal

Technical Support

  • Technology Products
  • Telco, Cable, Entertainment
  • Software, Hardware

Lead Generation

  • Education
  • Financial/Insurance
  • Business & Home Services

Customer Care

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Telco, Digital Communications
  • Energy

Inquiry Handling

  • Internet
  • Communications
  • Fleet & Card Services

Database Qualification

  • Hardware, Software
  • Automotive
  • Healthcare

Help Desk

  • Communications
  • Fleet Services
  • Telemedicine

Market Research

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Consumer Packaged Good

Order Entry

  • Communications, Entertainment
  • Catalog
  • Retail

Outsourcing inbound/outbound customer care, telesales and other services with The Heller Group is a great way to reduce your customer contact costs, improve call resolution, get the tracking information you need, and increase sales conversions.

The Heller Group has recruited an executive team with an impressive resume of large company company experience, yet with the flexibility of a small company. The Heller Group’s robust infrastructure is more than capable of delivering great results. State-of the art call handling and outbound sales calling technology allows The Heller Group and our valued clients to track a score of data variables to satisfy the most demanding requirements… PCI compliance proves that The Heller Group can handle client information safely and securely… The Heller Group customer engagement projects and sales campaigns will be completely customized to client specifications with the assurance that ensure that The Heller Group contact centers are operated with the optimum ratio of 10 agents to one supervisor.

Let’s start the conversation about how to increase your sales and service results! Email sales@thehellergroupinc.com, or call 1- 877-693-5168

Praise for The Heller Group

We have had a working relationship with The Heller Group since April 2009. We have found the Heller group to be very responsive, ethical and in tune with every detail of what is required to maintain the relationship. They have been forthcoming in keeping our company abreast of changes we needed to know.

Neal, Large Regional Bank

Because of their call center experience in the B2B outbound sales industry, The Heller Group has become a valued marketing partner. Their comprehensive solutions helped us to cost-effectively acquire new customers, while retaining and maximizing the relationships we have with current customers. They provide quality sales and customer service before and after the sale.

Paul, leading independent global provider of fleet cards

The Heller Group’s attention is to what matters to our business, not theirs, and makes them more than an excellent vendor. It makes them part of our team.

Brad, Comfort Systems

Meet Our People…

It’s no secret: Call centers are known for having high turnover and low employee satisfaction. The Heller Group strives to be different. We treasure our people above all. We work hard and play hard so that our agents achieve outstanding results today and stay with us in the long term. We believe that if our people work hard and have fun, they will enjoy their work and embrace our company culture. It is a simple philosophy that also happens to work. We have a family of agents who happily produce more sales for our clients.

Case Studies

case study 1

Automotive Training School

Product: Training, equipment, and consultation to independent gas stations.

Sales Challenge: Increase customer participation in programs.

Sales Solution: Activate a dedicated telesales teams at The Heller Group trained to increase customer contact, increase new opportunities, and increase attendance.

Results: The automotive training school client witnessed a 32% increase in sales within the first three months and dramatic increase in customer retention.

case study 2

Conference Call Service Provider

Product: Web and telephone conferencing for a leading U.S. company.

Sales Challenge: Prior to engaging The Heller Group, the client struggled with an inability to contact key decision-makers, to work through applications and troubleshoot.

Sales Solution: Sales & Lead Management – increase the number of qualified account prospects, secure appointments and effectively follow up on leads to ensure conversion.

Results: Through outstanding customer engagement services provided by The Heller Group, the client began to accelerate its sales from Heller generating 130 leads per week, which the client was able to use to great advantage, achieving a 22% close rate.

case study 3

Mid Size National Heavy Equipment Reseller

Product: Heavy industrial equipment in all U.S. markets.

Sales Challenge: Increase access to unreached and lapsed accounts.

Sales Solution: Target gaps in coverage allowing the client to acquire new accounts and enhance company presence.

Results: 32% increase in sales in first three months and a dramatic increase in customer retentions.

case study 4

West Coast Hospital

Results: In a collaboration with The Heller Group contact and prospect management teams, the hospital increased its patient appointments by 240% at a reduced fee of 30%, compared with the costs of using internal staff for appointment setting.

case study 5

Global Telco Cuts Costs, Improves Sales

Results: Reduced Costs & Improved Sales The Heller Group’s customized sales solution freed the telecommunications client toincrease sales, improve customer service quality and extend market penetration. The Heller Group’s quality and successes in bolting on additional sources of revenue to each order allowed the client to expand its product offerings while decreasing marketing spend. The data collected during phone interactions allowed the client to better target customers that would use multi-services, increasing their “stickiness” and assuring long-term profits.


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